American Housing has established a mission-oriented approach to provide affordable housing and social services to communities in need throughout Washington, DC. By partnering with local leaders, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and like-minded investors, American Housing aims to provide an equitable solution to chronic affordable housing shortages, and low risk returns for our investors.


Through all phases of development, we focus on projects where there is significant opportunity to add value, specifically in adaptive reuse of existing structures, new construction, and land development. We believe that American Housing’s core purpose is to build and sustain places where people love to be.
Our business model is differentiated from that of our peers through the ​following ​principals:

i. Our ability to source and provide Class-A buildings in premier locations throughout Washington, DC that will preserve long-term residual value
ii. Provision of social services that enrich the quality of life for the residents of our communities
iii. Specialized local expertise of our target market Washington, DC – historically one of the most robust and durable multifamily investment markets in the world


Fostering and nurturing social equity is the cornerstone of the American Housing Mission. Our business model revolves around the preservation and development of housing in desirable locations for the benefit of those less privileged in our community. We firmly believe that all people, regardless of socio-economic status, deserve access to high-quality housing, community amenities, and top-tier school districts. Our projects are targeted in the most desirable neighborhoods of Washington, DC and are accessible to residents across all income levels.


Many of our projects are historic, and upon acquisition exhibit significant deferred maintenance requirements. As part of construction and renovation, appliances and fixtures are replaced with high-efficiency models that meet the HUD standard for Green and Energy Efficient Housing. These improvements enable our communities to operate more efficiently, in turn reducing waste and operating costs.

Our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint is twofold: Maximize asset preservation during construction to reduce waste, and otherwise donate materials to our non-profit partners so that goods can be re-purposed rather than discarded. Over the past year, American Housing has donated over a million dollars in value in the form of monetary pledges and materials to our non-profit partners as part of the construction process. It is our goal to double that amount each year forward.

When feasible, solar panels are installed on all new construction and renovation projects. American Housing establishes Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SCREC) and monitors production on an ongoing basis. Over the past two years, American Housing and our affiliates have installed over 500 solar panels across 25 of our communities throughout Washington, DC. Our understanding of local solar initiative incentives has allowed us to conduct installation at a net neutral cost while providing tax credits for our investors.