Improving Efficiency

Many of our projects are historic and often present significant deferred maintenance needs prior to purchase. We typically plan for a sizable renovation budget to re-program interiors to meet the HUD standard for Green and Energy Efficient Housing.

In addition to qualifying for MIP discounts when financing, these improvements enable our communities to operate more efficiently, reducing waste and operating costs.

  • Optimize layouts
  • Replace dated, inefficient mechanical systems
  • Replace appliances and fixtures with high-efficiency models

Reducing Waste

As part of construction, we have donated over a million dollars in value through monetary pledges and materials to our non-profit partners. It is our goal to double that amount each year forward.

Promoting Solar Energy

When feasible, we install solar panels on all new construction and renovation projects. We establish Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SCREC) and monitor production on an ongoing basis. Our understanding of local solar initiative incentives has allowed us to conduct installation at a net neutral cost while providing tax credits for our investors.

  • 500+ solar panels installed
  • 25+ communities using solar energy

Our Commitment

Social Services

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